New Search Options (OSINT)

Posted on October 30th, 2013

I am excited to announce several new search techniques that have recently surfaced. The following information can be used on practically any investigation. They each allow the user to search live and historic information through Twitter and other networks based on the location of interest.

EchoSec: Searches several natworks
OneMillionTweetMap: Searches live Twitter data
HarvardMap: Searches recent Twitter data
MITMap: Searches recent Twitter data

Knock: This website allows you to search a website domain to find unlisted sub-domains. For example, searching “” identified “” and “” to reveal additional information.

Rapportive App: This one is a little high-tech, but worth it. Rapportive allows you to identify the social networks of people that send you email. This UNOFFICIAL app allows you to bypass the requirement for the target to email you. You simply search an email address to find the social networks attached to it. The research on this by Jordan Wright can be found HERE. If you know Python programming, it will be easy for you. If you are a member of my training website,, I have created a Windows executable file that will run without any programming skill. Simply launch “Email Stalker” in your software menu. There is also a video tutorial on the program in the web training area. This app can also be found in the software pack for those that have attended the live OSINT course.

If you are interested in video training on these topics, please visit My entire 40 hour course is available in 112 HD videos. At least two videos are added every month.

I also provide a 3 day OSINT training course for both private sector and government. Contact us for details.


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